Mergers and Acquisitions
Keegan Linscott & Associates is here to help you navigate the fast-paced complexities of a merger or acquisition.  Members of our M&A Consulting Team have helped facilitate successful mergers ranging from $500,000 to $1 Billion.

A purchase or sale of a business is an exciting milestone; however, lacking experienced consultation can result in paying too much, or receiving too little.

We have dedicated team members that focus specifically on mergers and acquisitions, so you can rest assured that when you partner with us, you will be working with a team that has experience from both the industry perspective and the consulting perspective.  We will be at your side to ensure you are represented by a seasoned team with extensive experience working with individual buyers and sellers, venture capitalists, and private equity groups.

  • EBITDA Multiple Consulting
  • EBITDA Adjustment Consulting
  • LOI/Purchase Agreement Review
  • Deal Structuring (Stock vs. Asset)
  • Tax Planning
  • Development of Estimated Closing Statements
  • Funds Flow Preparation
  • Opening Balance Sheet Support (Post Acquisition)
  • Buy Side Support
  • Sell Side Support
  • Due Diligence Support, examples of which include:
    • Quality of Earnings Analysis
    • Physical Asset Inspection
    • Target Company Financial Review & Testing
    • Search for Unrecorded Liabilities

We are excited to help you simplify the complexities of your next acquisition, sale, or merger.  If you want more information, please contact Sean Tanner at (520) 884-0176, or